About The Club

Family Friendly club with lots of professional racers running for many years . On road Track in Cairns Skating Centre and Off road track in Gordonvale. 

History Of Rc Racing

In past several years, hobby-grade “ready-to-run” (or “RTR”) models have become readily available from major manufacturers of radio-controlled cars, attracting many hobbyists who would otherwise not have purchased a kit car. Vehicles of this type need little or no final assembly and in most cases, the bodies are shipped painted and trimmed. Safety inspection of the product to ensure correct operation is essential, as injury to operators or bystanders from disassembling vehicles is possible. A number of cars and trucks are presently available only in ready-to-run form. The growing popularity of the RTR vehicle has prompted many manufacturers to discontinue production of kit vehicles. High-spec racing vehicles are generally still available or sold only as kits, and companies like Thunder TigerLosi, HPI, Traxxas and Tamiya sell kit and RTR versions with the benefits of a kit version being in upgraded parts or lower costs, respectively. Hobby grade vehicles can cost much more, ranging from AUS$90 to over AUS$2000.


As the name suggests, are pre-assembled models ready for immediate use. They can reach varying speeds, with lower end models reaching about 30 miles per hour (48 km/h) and higher end or modified models capable of reaching upwards of 150 miles per hour (240 km/h).[20] There are versions that run on both batteries and nitro.


Tamiya F103 Ferrari 412T1 RC Built Model Kit

Kit vehicles are sold as a box of individual parts, and must be assembled before driving. Although they require more skill to get running than an RTR vehicle, a relatively easy kit (such as those from Tamiya) is a good way to learn more about working on RC cars. Many kits are very easily modified with a wide variety of available parts. There are also “ARTR” or Almost Ready To Run models, which come mostly assembled but require a small amount of extra work before running.Most ARTR’s only require electronics that are distributed by other brands.

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