The following is how expert racers dial their cars to the track. Turning changes combined with practice, practice, and more practice makes a winner. 



Get or make a setup sheet for your car.
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Click here for an example of a setup sheet.

Adjust your car so it is set to a standard setup. Fill out the a setup sheet. Mark the page as “Standard Setup.”

Before you change any of your settings, make sure you can get around the track without crashing. None of your setup changes will work if you cannot stay on the track. Your goal at this point is to get consistent lap times, not to go fast. Your lap times may be inconsistent because of poor control. So get a watch that counts laps and have a friend time your laps until they are consistent.You may note your best times.



  1. Make changes one at a time, checking your lap times each time before you make another change.
  2. Keep notes of your lap times so you can check your progress.
  3. Make each change on your setup sheet.
  4. To start focus on your tire type. "What are the winning racers using?"
  5. A car that is easy to dive is not always a fast car.
  6. Only make changes that you can justify.




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